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Ideal for the micro, small and medium sized business, Ananzi have tailored a website offering, fully customizable to your requirements. Available in two initial packages, namely Micro or Pro, as a solid foundation upon which to build your website, both contain all the essential components needed to get you online. We understand that client’s needs are as unique as they are, so make available additional, optional functionality to choose from and add to their selected package. The result being a professional website built to suit your business.

What is an Ananzi Website?

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An Ananzi website is a professional website. We start by giving you an impressive variety of 44 templates to choose between which may be further customised to truly match your requirement. You also get your own domain, for example, email addresses and hosting of your site for an entire year, renewable thereafter, if required. We also allow for up to 15 pages as standard to carry your content. If you need more, just call, we’ll gladly assist you.

Your Ananzi website is an excellent product for start-up businesses to begin with and develop as your business grows. The internet is a dynamic platform utilised by a vast audience making it an ideal vehicle to market your business. Established businesses requiring more sophisticated functionality will integrate their online presence seamlessly. Large enterprises can benefit from a professional Ananzi website by using it to promote a specific product or range of products on a unique, dedicated website.

Here are some samples of what your business could look like online, thanks to Ananzi Webs. CLICK HERE for our Website Packages and Add-ons.

Functionality at your fingertips

Choose from any of the following additional functions and services to enhance your website's effectiveness:

SEO – We will build the site to meet search engine requirements. This important factor will allow users to find your site when they search for your products or services in search engines. This is highly recommended and an absolute must to any serious business.


Google Analytics – We will add sophisticated tracking to your site. This will allow you to view important data about your website and how people are using it. These reports are sent automatically to you. A must!

Mobile Site – we can create your website to be mobile friendly. Many people are browsing through mobile devices, and this service is critical in reaching and converting mobile users.


Copywriting Services – Let us help you write professional content to promote your business. Professionally written content can make a huge impact on your business.

Photo Gallery – a web page used to showcase your images. You can use the gallery page to promote your products/services visually.


Call Back Form – a web form that allows a user to generate a form with their contact details. This is a critical lead generator. Typically includes the users name and contact number.

Contact Form- Similar to a Call Back form, but includes more fields such as email address, comments, products that the user might be interested in.


Book At Once- this feature is suited to restaurants and accommodation venues. It allows the user to book a reservation through your website.

Event Calendar- Add in a calendar to promote events that are happening within your business. This is placed on the website and allows users to see the dates/times of events.


External Video- If you have a video to promote your company, this feature allows you to add the video to your website.

Proposal Request- Users can send you a detailed proposal, this will be then generated as an email and sent to you.


Podcasts- allows you to share digital content. Users are able to download this content onto their smart devices.

Meeting Request – A specialized form that allows users to send you a meeting request.


Embed External Content – Allows your to place external content onto your website.

Map and Directions – Place a map on your site, making it easier to find you. Open Table- Allows users to book a table via your website. Convenient!


Counter- a digital counter of how many people visited the site.

Shopping Cart- We can set up a full shopping cart where users can buy through your website. Please speak to us for more information.


RSS Feeds- you can get fresh, relevant content from other websites that is ‘fed’ to your website e.g. having the daily news sent through to your website.

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