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It is very difficult for one to rank their website on the first 2 pages of Google, therefore Ananzi has designed a product to assist with your website visibility. The Quick Page from Ananzi is a keyword, content-rich feeder page, constructed along strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requirements, which links directly to your website.

The Ananzi QuickPage allows for exposure on the first two pages of Google SA. As a result of this, you get to benefit from higher ranking and traffic being driven to your website. This is done by optimizing 10 keyword phrases relevant to services or products that you offer.

Ananzi conducts extensive research with the suggested keywords that you provide. This research, based on competition versus volume of searches, enables us to enhance your initial keyword selection and provide you with a final list of keyword phrases best suited to exposing and ranking your Quick Page on (pages from South Africa).

Using this optimized list of keyword phrases, Ananzi writes content focusing on these keywords together with other SEO techniques to produce content specifically designed to attract optimum search result rankings. Therefore, should keywords change for some reason, we would need to edit the copy content of your Quick Page.

We cannot copy your existing portfolio as we have strict requirements to follow.

The content is limited to between 400 – 500 words of text and the keyword density is between 2 – 4 % on the overall content.

The content has to accommodate high end user as well as low end users therefore the content cannot be written on a high level of English and vice versa our objective is to appeal to a broader audience.

It is important to always remember the objective of the Quick Page is to drive users to your Quick Page through search, and from there they will click through to your website where they will find all your products and services.

Remember, a Quick Page is not a website and cannot function like a website, it is merely a feeder to your actual website.

Because of this product's purpose, and the technical mechanisms employed to achieve it's potential, a Quick Page's content, while aesthetically pleasing, the primary focus is on the keywords, links to your website and the design.

Example of a Quickpage


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